It’s Me

So firstly, i made this because my english teacher tell me to make one as a homework. And yeah to post about anything that necessary and unnecessary in english. And pardon my bad english 😦

I’m Afifah and i’m a first grader at senior high school. I go to SMAN 3 Bandung and it’s THE BEST SCHOOL IN TOWN AH YEAH. You can tell i’m so proud of it cause it takes a lot effort. Like, i don’t even stalk my favorite fan accounts anymore for months and studying almost 3 times harder 😦 but i’m glad i make it and kinda sad because a lot of my friends can’t make it here 😦

So my dad’s Tubagus Thresna Irijanto and my mom’s Ina Ratnamiasih. Well is it too much to reveal their names here? 😐

Also, i’m the only child in the family so i live happily in my own territory :)) but sometimes i get lonely too 😦 yap i have no one to play with and yes i guess gadget is the only thing that always with me ahaha.

Nah english is one of my favs. Cause i use it a lot and i need it. I need it to fangirl LOL. Peace.

And guess what i think i love kpop. No i mean i love kpop so much i can spend so much time fangirling over it without realizing that i’m wasting time. DON’T JUDGE ME. yea isn’t it normal for a lonely kid to get attached to it? even with the fact that i’m not a kid anymore 😦 BUT STILL DON’T JUDGE ME.

Well actually i was going to make a post about kpop but no. Just no. Cause if i make it, it will be the longest post in this site. And i’m pretty sure you won’t bother to read it.

Oh and also i think i’m the emotional kid. Not emo like always crying and dying, but emo in a good way πŸ˜‰ (does emo in a good way even exist?) why? cause i enjoy reading a lot. And i used to be that nerd kid that finish like 2 books in a day but i recovered(what) LOL.

I also love quotes and sayings. Especially the english ones. Cause indonesian quotes and sayings makes me cringe idk why. But english quotes usually more cheesy and dark and full of feelings but i like it more πŸ™‚

What else? Basically my life is just so-so. Nothing special.



/oh yea i’m giving you a bonus i’m trying to drag you to this whole kpop fandom πŸ˜‰

/how about a man that actually prettier than all of you and he’s so cute and hot at the same time untul you realize he live 38582926 miles away from you πŸ˜‰


Peace Out πŸ˜‰


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