Lee Hi – Breathe

Hello everyoneeee

So this time, I’m posting about Korean thing. (FINALLY!) Well, i don’t know about you, but it’s an exam moment in my school. And yeah, even though it’s not yet starting, i can see the book piles and coffee and oh yeah tired eyes. Seriously. I’m feeling tired even before it start LOL.

And because of it, I’m sharing this really-comforting song. Especially for myself, and generally for whoever feeling down right now. Here it is~

Lee Hi – Breathe lyric


sumeul keuge swieobwayo
dangsinui gaseum yangjjogi jeorige
jogeumeun apaol ttaekkaji
sumeul deo baeteobwayo
dangsinui ane nameun ge eoptdago
neukkyeojil ttaekkaji

sumi beokchaollado gwaenchanhayo
amudo geudael tathajin anha
gakkeumeun silsuhaedo dwae
nugudeun geuraesseunikka
gwaenchanhdaneun mal
malppunin wirojiman

nugungaui hansum geu mugeoun sumeul
naega eotteoke hearil suga isseulkkayo
dangsinui hansum geu gipil ihaehal sun eopgetjiman
gwaenchanhayo naega anajulgeyo

sumi beokchaollado gwaenchanhayo
amudo geudael tathajin anha
gakkeumeun silsuhaedo dwae
nugudeun geuraesseunikka
gwaenchantaneun mal
malppunin wirojiman

nugungaui hansum geu mugeoun sumeul
naega eotteoke hearil suga isseulkkayo
dangsinui hansum geu gipil ihaehal sun eopgetjiman
gwaenchanhayo naega anajulgeyo

namdeul nunen him ppajineun
hansumeuro boiljin mollado
naneun algo itjyo
jageun hansum naebaetgido eoryeoun
harureul bonaetdan geol
ije dareun saenggageun mayo
gipi sumeul swieobwayo
geudaero naebaeteoyo

nugungaui hansum geu mugeoun sumeul
naega eotteoke hearil suga isseulkkayo
dangsinui hansum geu gipil ihaehal sun eopgetjiman
gwaenchanhayo naega anajulgeyo
jeongmal sugohaesseoyo


Take a deep breath
Until both sides of your heart get numb
Until it hurts a little
Let out your breath even more
Until you feel
like there’s nothing left inside

It’s alright if you run out of breath
No one will blame you
It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes
Because anyone can do so
Although comforting by saying it’s alright
Are just words

Someone’s breath. That heavy breath
How can I see through that?
Though I can’t understand your breath
It’s alright I’ll hold you

It’s alright if you run out of breath
No one will blame you
It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes
Because anyone can do so
Although comforting by saying it’s alright
Are just words

Someone’s breath. That heavy breath
How can I see through that?
Though I can’t understand your breath
It’s alright I’ll hold you

Even if others think your sigh
Takes out energy and strength
I already know
That you had a day that’s hard enough
To let out even a small sigh
Now don’t think of anything else
Let out a deep sigh
Just let it out like that

Someone’s breath. That heavy breath
How can I see through that?
Though I can’t understand your breath
It’s alright I’ll hold you
You really did a good job

credit to : https://colorcodedlyrics.com/2016/03/lee-hi-ihai-breathe-hansum


I chose this song to share to y’all, and i hope you’re comforted after you listen to it.  I know, right? The song is so deep. Instead of singing a common love song, she chose this breath-taking song to comfort people. Sure, life is not always easy and happy, but we will get stronger and then it will be okay. Sure thing, i will need this song for the exam week that coming!

This song is about people who are tired, and desperate. “like there’s nothing left inside” it said. It’s okay to be failed, or soon-to-be-failed, if you work hard enough. It’s just not yet time for you to be success. No one blame you. Well if someone do, don’t care about it. If someone judge you after those sweats and bloods and tears, they surely don’t care and just want to destroy you. Lee Hi tells people through this song that it’s okay to make mistakes sometimes. And she knows, by telling “good job” will make those down feeling go away, and starts a new hope. There’s still tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day after that to try.

Well, talking about the music video, it’s beautiful. It’s showing us from many perspective.


he had hard time working for his boss


it’s hard looking for job, even in city.

That’s some screenshot from the video. It’s like a short documentary film though, a sad but beautiful one.

Oh, forgot to mention. The composer of this song is Jonghyun, from a group named SHINee and he has a solo album last year. He has this super beautiful voice and this song is the first time his composed song is out for public. I remember he once said he likes composing song just for fun, and it surprises me and his fans, because this Breathe song is really something! And he’s 26 year old, quite young for a good composer in Korea.

this is an article : Lee Hi comment about Jonghyun’s composed song, Breathe

Breathe is one of Lee Hi album Seoulite songs. You should listen to it, because she has A REALLY AMAZING VOICE although we can’t really hear it in this Breathe song. I don’t know why she didn’t include any song that she composed herself into this Seoulite album, but i know she has many songs that she re-composed(i don’t know what’s the term for changing someone’s song but you don’t own the song, like cover song kind of thing).

For example

yes she was in that KPOP STAR, it’s a audition to become a singer. AND OF COURSE SHE WINS IT! you won’t regret watching it.



Ideal Education

Education is one of the most important thing life. To live a bright future or a better life, you need to be educated. Education forms intelligence, character, and many other things. Education makes someone a good planner and thinker, because he/she knows what is good for him/her, what can help to achieve his/her goal.

There are people who say money is the most important thing in life, because you can get anything with it. But how to get that money? The answer is, of course, education. Like, the higher degree someone has, the higher salary he/she gets. Education is the reason behind every theory, every knowledge, and every other things that keeps us from living. We get education from everywhere, everytime, every expected and unexpected source.

An ideal education is an education that educates every part of people : body, mind/brain, and spirit/soul. So a people will have a balanced life with balanced education. Using both side of brain, so the use of brain will be optimed. Left brain(logical) is needed for hard skills and the person needs to have a good IQ score, meanwhile right brain(emotional) is needed for soft skills and the person needs to have a good EQ.

Hard skills are mostly things that we can learn from school such as physics, math, biology, chemistry, etc. Soft skills is learned with experience such as habits, communication, management, confidence, etc. Soft skills is more important but harder to achieve. Hard skills and soft skills are a unity, where soft skills support hard skills.

Also, an ideal education gives many options of subject early. This options is to help students to focus more into what they like or their dominant skills, and planning and making their future earlier. This is a good idea, to divide students with their likings and mix them outside classes(like at dormitory, you put student from law and science together). Ideal education use many methods to teach the students too, because each student has different methods to learn.For example, if a fish learned to clim a tree for its whole life, it will believe its stupidity.

images (1)

We get education from our environment too, for example our home, our friends, etc. So to get a good education, we need to have a good environment. Environment education are mostly from our parents, whom we have been learn from since child, so parents play a big part at their childrens education too.

I think this is a big problem and it can’t be solved easily and fastly. I’m pretty sure there is no ideal education system yet, and it will takes many years to build and many hardworks. And I’m writing this essay just to let you know about my opinions and even though it’s simple and a kind of mainstream idea, I think we can try it to know if it really helps our education system.

the oh-so-famous gateway arch

The St. Louis Gateway Arch is located at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park in St. Louis, Missouri. Built as a memorial and labeled “the gateway to the west”, the arch was listed as a National Historic Landmark on June 2, 1987.

While visiting the arch, you can ride the tram to the top of the arch, look out the windows and see for miles and miles.

The Museum of Westward Expansion is located underground below the arch. The museum has many artifacts and exhibits depicting the life of the American Indians and the 19th century pioneers. There are also theatres in the museum where you can watch interesting and educational films. Be sure and watch the film that shows the construction process of the arch.

Even though there are people who terribly afraid of heights, they went to the top of the arch and they said it wasn’t scary at all. If you are ever in the St. Louigas area, the arch is one place that you don’t want to miss. It is truly amazing.

Construction of the Arch

In 1935, the St. Louis Riverfront was chosen for a national monument in honor of the westward expansion of the United States. Buildings were cleared on 40 city blocks to begin the memorial; however the progression ceased due to World War I.

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Association held an architectural competition in 1947 for the design of the memorial.

Finland born architect Eero Saarinen won the contest with his design of a catenary curved arch. A catenary curve hangs freely from two fixed points and is flexible but it will not stretch.

Construction on the arch began on February 12, 1963 and the completion date was October 28, 1965.

The arch stands 630 feet tall and is 630 feet wide at the base, which makes it the tallest man-made monument in the United States.

The arch is made out of 886 tons of stainless steel.

The weight of the concrete in the arch totals 38,107 tons.

The arch has 142 triangular sections positioned on top of one another and welded on the inside and outside.

The arch is 63 stories tall and each story is 10 feet.

Each leg is 54 feet long at the bottom and the sections taper to 17 feet at the very top.

To place the last four-foot piece at the top of the arch, the legs were jacked apart with more than 500 tons of pressure.

Under normal weather conditions, the arch will not sway. The wind has to blow 50 miles per hour for the top of the arch to move 1 1/2 inches from the center. The design of the arch allows for an 18 inch sway and to withstand an earthquake.

There are six 1/2 by 20 inch lightning rods plus an aircraft light on the top of the arch.

The cost to build the arch totaled 13 million dollars.

The Tram System in the Arch

Dick Bowser created the tram system that carries visitors to the top of the arch. He developed this system in just two weeks.


After the first tram was completed, the arch opened to the public on June 10, 1967.

Each leg of the arch has one tram with 8 capsules that hold 5 passengers each.

The tram runs at a speed of 340 feet per minute and it takes approximately 4 minutes to get up to the top of the arch.

The tram system can make as many as 80 trips each day and during the off-season in the winter, the trams make 48 trips to the top each day. At full capacity the trams carry 200 to 225 passengers every hour.

There are 1076 steps in the arch; however these steps are not accessible to the public. The steps are only used for emergencies and maintenance. There are also two emergency elevators in the arch.

The tram works like an elevator and a ferris wheel combined. Each capsule measures five foot in diameter and is shaped like a barrel. Each capsule has an opening in the front and a closed back. The back of each capsule is constructed with a center pivot shaft and a frame with rollers encircles the open front. The frame has wheels that run in tracks and the capsule rotates along the frame. The weight of the passengers assists in keeping the capsule upright.

While traveling to the top of the arch, each capsule rotates about 155 degrees. The frame pivots around the capsule and at the loading area the tracks are above the capsule. When the capsule reaches the top of the arch, the tracks are below the capsule.


The Observation Area At The Top Of The Arch

The observation area measures 65 feet long by 7 feet 2 inches across by 6 feet 9 inches high. The observation area holds up to 160 people at a time.

There are 16 windows on each side of the observation area. While looking out the windows on the east side, visitors can view the Mississippi River and the state of Illinois. If looking out the windows on the west side, visitors can see the city of St. Louis.

Each hinged and locked window measures 7 inches by 27 inches(180 mm × 690 mm). The windows are made out of 3/4 inch plate glass.

In the observation area, visitors can see up to 30 miles(48 km) when weather permits and the sky is clear.

To the east across the Mississippi River and southern Illinois with its prominent Mississippian culture mounds at Cahokia Mounds, and to the west over the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County beyond.


Visitor center

The underground visitor center for the arch was designed as part of the National Park Service’s Mission 66 program. 

The 70,000-square-foot (6,500 m2) center is located directly below the arch, between its legs. Access to the visitor center is provided through ramps adjacent to each leg of the arch.

Although construction on the visitor center began at the same time as construction for the arch itself, it did not conclude until 1976 because of insufficient funding; however, the center opened with several exhibits on June 10, 1967.

The center houses offices, mechanical rooms and waiting areas for the arch trams, as well as its main attractions: the Museum of Westward Expansion and two theaters displaying films about the arch.

The older theater opened in May 1972, the newer theater, called the Odyssey Theatre, was constructed in the 1990s and features a four-story-tall screen.

Its construction required the expansion of the underground complex, and workers had to excavate solid rock while keeping the disruption to a minimum so the museum could remain open.

The museum houses several hundred exhibits about the United States’ westward expansion in the 19th century and opened on August 10, 1977.

Incidents (because there’s trouble even in paradise)

On the morning of February 9, 2011, a National Park Service worker was injured while performing repairs on the south tram. The 55-year-old was working on the tram’s electrical system when he was trapped between it and the arch wall for around 30 seconds, until being saved by other workers. Emergency officials treated the injured NPS employee at the arch’s top before taking him to Saint Louis University Hospital in a serious condition.

On March 24, 2011, around one hundred visitors were stranded in the observation area for 45 minutes after the doors of the south tram refused to close. The tourists were safely brought down the arch in the north tram, which had been closed that week so officials could upgrade it with a new electronic transportation system. The National Park Service later attributed the malfunction to a computer glitch associated with the new system, which had already been implemented with the south tram. No one was hurt in the occurrence.

Around 2:15 p.m. local time on June 16, 2011, the arch’s north tram stalled due to a power outage. The tram became stuck about 200 feet (61 m) from the observation deck, and passengers eventually were told to climb the stairs to the observation area.[116] It took National Park Service workers about one hour to manually pull the tram to the top, and the 40 trapped passengers were able to return down on the south tram, which had previously not been operating that day because there was not an abundance of visitors. An additional 120 people were at the observation deck at the time of the outage and also exited via the south tram. During the outage, visitors were stuck in the tram with neither lighting nor air conditioning. No one was seriously injured in the incident, but one visitor lost consciousness after suffering a panic attack, and a park ranger was taken away with minor injuries. The cause of the outage was not immediately known.

Stunts accidents

In 1973, Nikki Caplan was granted an FAA exception to fly a hot air balloon between the arch’s legs as part of the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. During the flight, on which the St. Louis park director was a passenger, the balloon hit the arch and plummeted 70 feet before recovering.

In 1976, a U.S. Army exhibition skydiving team was permitted to fly through the arch as part of Fourth of July festivities. And since then, numerous skydiving exhibition teams have legally jumped onto the Arch grounds, after having flown their parachutes through the legs of the Arch.

On November 22, 1980, at about 8:45 a.m. CST, 33-year-old Kenneth Swyers of Overland, Missouri, parachuted on to the top of the arch. His plan was to release his main parachute and then jump off the arch using his reserve parachute to perform a base jump. Unfortunately, after landing the wind blew him to the side, and he slid down the north leg to his death. The accident was witnessed by several people, including Swyers’ wife, also a parachutist. She said her husband “was not a hot dog, daredevil skydiver” and that he had prepared for the jump two weeks in advance. Swyers, who had made over 1,600 jumps before the incident, was reported by one witness to have “landed very well” on the top of the arch, but “had no footing.” Swyers was reportedly blown to the top of the arch by the wind and was unable to save himself when his reserve parachute failed to deploy. The Federal Aviation Administration said the jump was unauthorized, and investigated the pilot involved in the incident.

On September 14, 1992, 25-year-old John C. Vincent climbed to the top of the Gateway Arch using suction cups and proceeded to parachute back to the ground. He was later charged with two misdemeanors: climbing a national monument and parachuting in a national park.  Vincent had previously parachuted off the World Trade Center in May 1991. Dressed in black, Vincent began crawling up the arch around 3:30 a.m. CST on September 14 and arrived undetected at the top around 5:45 a.m., taking an additional 75 minutes to rest and take photos before finally jumping. During this time, he was seen by two traffic reporters inside the One Metropolitan Square skyscraper.

My Really Boring Holiday

So, here i’m starting this post about my really boring holiday. Okay, you knew it. You read the title already. Actually, it was not boring for me. It was a real healing time. But i’m pretty sure it will sounds boring to you. So, prepare some snacks or a pillow(in case you get sleepy after reading this long and boring essay), and here we go! (Atleast i did a good job writing the opening).

Being a normal highschool student means bunch of homeworks, many event(if you join any organization), and many student life problems. Especially when you’re a student of SMA 3 Bandung! Yeah i know i should be thankful i got in, but that’s not the point. The point is, i’m tired of those routines. It’s the end of semester, and I got a really long holiday, YEAY! (shout out to whoever made this holiday at the first place). That time, i was thinking i should spend it cleverly. Like, do everything i love(including sleeping after shubuh, eating, watching those k-pop related things, and falling asleep late). So i hope you get the idea why i spent my holiday the way i did.

My holiday starts after i got my report card. I WAS SO HAPPY I GOT THE 5TH RANK! I’m pretty sure i won’t get that high because i know, i was kinda lazy at school. But yeah, whatever, i did it! My parent and I decided to buy my favorite ice cream on my way home. After we got home, i watched some korean movies and called my father to tell him about my report card. He asked me if I wanted to visit him in Malaysia(he’s studying there, anyway) because i got no short semester. But i told him i wanted to stay at home, and a year-end ticket is kinda expensive too(which i regret later). The next day, my Mother and I went to mall to buy a jacket for me, and a nice sandal too. I thanked her and we got back home. Little did i know, that it will be the only time i go out.

The next day, i woke up late (of course after shubuh, i fell asleep again). My Mother went to her office at 10 am. She is a lecturer and she’s off for a shot semester at the university where she works. I promised myself i won’t be a lecturer(or even a teacher) because they are so busy LOL. I happily take a long hot bath(how i missed it for so long). Then i start watching movies, browsing the internet, playing games, and other things you expected me to do at laptop. When i got hungry, i just heat some food from the refrigerator. Of course there are times when i got bored with foods at home, so i left the house and buy some food, or call a fast food delivery.

After about ten days, my movies stock run out. Then i started to read my novels and many old books i forgot they exist. I really love my Percy Jackson novels, and Maze Runner too! My favorite author are Rick Riordan, John Green, and etc. Also, it was a really nice healing time. I hope you spent your holiday nicely too 🙂

Recommended Place in Bandung

So, here i am making my comeback post after a long weeks with lots of homeworks and lots of homeworks and lots of homeworks…

Well i must admitted that this blog assignment kinda fun and cool.

So this time, i want to tell you about one of many from my favorite places list. And it is worth time, money, and energy(i don’t have to think twice to go there).

Actually the truth behind this is, i was so confused of where to go days ago. I know i have to prepare about this recommended place assignment, but i was really really confused. I ask my friend, Dewi to accompany me strolling at the mall, looking for a worth-it-place. We were, like, strolling everywhere until we remembered that there’s THIS THING at BIP. And we immediately went there.

And this place is no other than a cafe. Yes it’s obvious i’m always hungry and i love chilling with my friends at cozy cafes, while blabbering non stop and stuffing things inside my mouth 🙂

This cafe is called Giggle Box (it’s a cute name tho, a suitable name for a cute british oldiest concept)

The Giggle Box

The Giggle Box

Giggle Box logo

Giggle Box logo

The Giggle Box at BIP is placed near Grand Hyatt Hotel, at the back of BIP. It’s faster and easier to access from Sumatra Street.

the front view of Giggle Box at BIP

the front view of Giggle Box at BIP

wall full of frames(sponsored by Jonas Photo)

wall full of frames(sponsored by Jonas Photo)

So back to the story, we entered immediately and took a seat.


Because i’ve been starving, haven’t got anything to eat since lunch time.

DSC09038 DSC09040 DSC09041 DSC09042

We ordered. And it only a while to served, except the pancake. I don’t know why but it took a kind of long time.


We ordered a blueberry pancake, something cake(i forgot LOL), ice lemon tea, and ice green tea.

And my favorite time, blabbering non stop while stuffing food into my mouth. We were just eating there, talking about literally anything. And we didn’t stop talking, we talked so much it was a lot of topics and it was a really nice time. We chilled there like, about a good 2 hours.

Sadly, i have a tuition later so we had to go. And Dewi should come home before maghrib too. So we finished our talking time(that seemed to still have a lot topics to talk about) and bid our goodbye.

So, this cafe is just so cool and cozy i could spent hours here, even though the food is kinda expensive for a student, but the food is so good especially the must-try one 🙂 hope you like my Giggle Box review


My school, SMAN 3 Bandung holds an annual culture festival. WHICH ALWAYS HAPPEN TO BE THE BEST EVENT.

this year it’s called Gamarvani, from latinese words Gama(trip) and Parvani(to the moon) so it means trip to the moon, inspired by a traditional story : Nyi Anteh. You can read it here.

This even  was held at 19 September 2015. The leader of the committee for culture festival this year is M Ababil Akram with his deputy Farrel D.H.. To make this event success, SMAN 3 Bandung did a very good preparation. Started from opening recruitment for students in X grade to be part of the committee. Many of students want to participate in this event. In fact, there were 200 people who became committee of Gamarvani. 100 people of the committee was from my grade, in which 15 of people is from my class. But not me (peace)

Gamarvani did many promotions in some media socials, such as in Official Account Line (Gamarvani), Instagram (@gamarvani), and in Youtube Channel (Gamarvani).

IMG_20150918_132700 IMG_20150918_132709


I came to Lapangan Bali early, to join the parade. Sepi Tugas(x science 7) crew said they will surely come, but there were only 7 of us:( such a sad and lonely group we were. Oh and my feet hurts because we walked like a very long route and i wasn’t wearing a comfortable shoes 😦 we walked around SMA 3 Bandung for a long one hour and it’s really tiring to not being left behind. It was fun if it’s not because of my feet, we cheered loudly. We were wearing traditional costume, girls wore kebaya dan boys wore pangsi.

a selfie erin took

a selfie erin took


This is Gamarvani map, credits to The decoration team(they did a really good job)

The event already started at 9 am but it got packed after 1 pm.

the view at 1 pm

the view at 1 pm

IMG_20150919_103330 IMG_20150919_103336

At 4 pm the entry gate got really full and i had to queuing. But sadly i had an important thing to do at 5pm and i had to go:(

gamarvani after 4 pm

gamarvani after 4 pm


And the fact that is, the super fun performances started at 5 pm.

so yeah, i didn’t get to see any performance. I just eat a lot of things there 🙂 and i’m so sorry i can’t tell you any other things because i had to go.

West Jawa Folklore : Nyi Anteh and The Moon

Once upon a time in West Java there is a kingdom called the kingdom Pakuan. Inside the palace there are two teenage girls who are equally beautiful and always looks very harmonious, Endahwarni and Nyi Anteh. King and Queen was very fond of both, although the two girls have different social status. Princess Endahwarni is Pakuan royal heir, while Nyai Anteh is only a lady’s favorite son of the queen. Nyai Anteh now a teenager, she was appointed as a personal maid princess Endahwarni.

One fine morning, Anteh was gathering flowers to decorate Endahwarni bun.She began to hum with delight. Her melodious voice flying through the palace walls. A handsome young man was walking in the garden behind the palace walls. He got raptured, hearing a voice so melodious. Apparently the young man is Anantakusuma. He is very powerful, and the wall of the palace is so high with ease he jumped. He was hiding behind groves of flowers, and behold him a very pretty girl. Anantakusuma felt his chest vibrate, “how beautiful she was, is she Endahwarni, my future wife?” He thought.

Knowing Anantakusuma loved Nyai Anteh, Endahwarni kicked her out of palace because she felt jealous.

Nyai Anteh walked out of the gate of the palace without knowing what to do outside the palace. But he decided to go to his mother’s hometown.
Since then Anteh lived in his uncle’s house in the village. To help his uncle, Anteh received orders to sew clothes. At first Anteh neighbors sewed clothes, after a long time because the stitches are nice, the people of the village, too far to Anteh sewed their clothes. So he and his uncle’s family could live quite the sewing results.

Many years have passed. Anteh now married and has two children. One day in front of his house to stop a carriage and a lot of guards on horseback. Once the owner of the carriage is stuck his head, screaming Anteh. Apparently it is the daughter Endahwarni. Endahwarni daughter got off the train and burst into tears hugging Anteh.
“Oh Anteh, I’ve been looking for you! Where have you been? Did I really hurt you? Forgive me Anteh. Back then I was crazy, so I throw you out when you’re innocent. I’m sorry … “cried the daughter.
“Gusti … do not be so. I should be sorry to have upset you, “said Anteh.
“No. I am the guilty. For that Anteh, you must come with me back to the castle! “Begged daughter.
“But I now have a daughter her husband and children. I also worked as a seamstress, “replied Anteh.
“My husband and your children should you take to the palace,” said the princess, laughing. “Regarding your work, you’ll be picked up as a tailor’s palace. How? You may not refuse, it’s an order!”

Anteh and his family eventually moved to the palace. Endahwarni daughter had made a home on the edge of the park for their stay. However Anteh always feel bad every meeting with the prince Anantakusuma, Endahwarni daughter’s husband. Prince Anantakusuma was never to forget his dream girl. The return Anteh has made her love the buried rise again. At first the prince Anantakusuma try to survive by not considering the presence of Anteh. But more and more tempestuous love.

Until one night Anantakusuma reckless prince went into the palace garden, in case he could meet with Anteh. Yeah, right. Anteh saw was in the verandah of his house, playing around with Candramawat, her beloved cat while enjoying the beautiful moonlight. Although now old, but the prince Anantakusuma, Anteh still as pretty as the first moment they met. Anteh slowly approached.
“Anteh!” He says. Anteh surprised. Antakusuma prince saw standing before him.
“Pa .. Prince? why princes here? What if someone sees? “Asked Anteh fear.
“I do not care. The important thing I can be with you. Anteh you know what? That I love you so much. Since we met in the park to this day, I still love you, “said the prince.
“Prince, you should not say like that. You are the daughter’s husband Endahwarni. He is the older brother I loved very much. If you’re hurt, you hurt me it was the same, “said Anteh Candramawat hugging.
“I can not … I can not forget you! You should be mine Anteh! Come let me hold you! “Said the prince, trying to hold hands Anteh.
Anteh backwards by fear. “Be sober prince! You must not betray Gusti’s daughter. “But the prince to remain near Anteh kusuma Ananta.
Anteh who fear trying to escape. But the prince Anantakusuma still chasing him. “Oh God, help me!” Anteh prayer, “Give me the strength to get away from the prince Anantakusuma. I knows he’s very powerful. Therefore please help me. Do not let him hurt me and my sister, Endahwarni! ”
Anteh suddenly felt a force that pulled her body upward. He looked up and saw the moon through her and pulled. Prince Anantakusuma only be struck by the departure of Anteh a higher and higher and finally disappeared with the cloud-covered moon.

Since then Nyai Anteh lived on the moon, alone and only accompanied by her beloved cat. She could not return to earth for fear Anantakusuma prince will go after him. If you miss the family was unbearable, he would weave the fabric to be used as stairs. But unfortunately the weaving was never completed because the cat always destroying it. Now if the full moon we could see the shadow Nyai Anteh sat weaving accompanied Candramawat.

That’s the legend of Nyi Anteh.