Ideal Education

Education is one of the most important thing life. To live a bright future or a better life, you need to be educated. Education forms intelligence, character, and many other things. Education makes someone a good planner and thinker, because he/she knows what is good for him/her, what can help to achieve his/her goal.

There are people who say money is the most important thing in life, because you can get anything with it. But how to get that money? The answer is, of course, education. Like, the higher degree someone has, the higher salary he/she gets. Education is the reason behind every theory, every knowledge, and every other things that keeps us from living. We get education from everywhere, everytime, every expected and unexpected source.

An ideal education is an education that educates every part of people : body, mind/brain, and spirit/soul. So a people will have a balanced life with balanced education. Using both side of brain, so the use of brain will be optimed. Left brain(logical) is needed for hard skills and the person needs to have a good IQ score, meanwhile right brain(emotional) is needed for soft skills and the person needs to have a good EQ.

Hard skills are mostly things that we can learn from school such as physics, math, biology, chemistry, etc. Soft skills is learned with experience such as habits, communication, management, confidence, etc. Soft skills is more important but harder to achieve. Hard skills and soft skills are a unity, where soft skills support hard skills.

Also, an ideal education gives many options of subject early. This options is to help students to focus more into what they like or their dominant skills, and planning and making their future earlier. This is a good idea, to divide students with their likings and mix them outside classes(like at dormitory, you put student from law and science together). Ideal education use many methods to teach the students too, because each student has different methods to learn.For example, if a fish learned to clim a tree for its whole life, it will believe its stupidity.

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We get education from our environment too, for example our home, our friends, etc. So to get a good education, we need to have a good environment. Environment education are mostly from our parents, whom we have been learn from since child, so parents play a big part at their childrens education too.

I think this is a big problem and it can’t be solved easily and fastly. I’m pretty sure there is no ideal education system yet, and it will takes many years to build and many hardworks. And I’m writing this essay just to let you know about my opinions and even though it’s simple and a kind of mainstream idea, I think we can try it to know if it really helps our education system.


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