My Really Boring Holiday

So, here i’m starting this post about my really boring holiday. Okay, you knew it. You read the title already. Actually, it was not boring for me. It was a real healing time. But i’m pretty sure it will sounds boring to you. So, prepare some snacks or a pillow(in case you get sleepy after reading this long and boring essay), and here we go! (Atleast i did a good job writing the opening).

Being a normal highschool student means bunch of homeworks, many event(if you join any organization), and many student life problems. Especially when you’re a student of SMA 3 Bandung! Yeah i know i should be thankful i got in, but that’s not the point. The point is, i’m tired of those routines. It’s the end of semester, and I got a really long holiday, YEAY! (shout out to whoever made this holiday at the first place). That time, i was thinking i should spend it cleverly. Like, do everything i love(including sleeping after shubuh, eating, watching those k-pop related things, and falling asleep late). So i hope you get the idea why i spent my holiday the way i did.

My holiday starts after i got my report card. I WAS SO HAPPY I GOT THE 5TH RANK! I’m pretty sure i won’t get that high because i know, i was kinda lazy at school. But yeah, whatever, i did it! My parent and I decided to buy my favorite ice cream on my way home. After we got home, i watched some korean movies and called my father to tell him about my report card. He asked me if I wanted to visit him in Malaysia(he’s studying there, anyway) because i got no short semester. But i told him i wanted to stay at home, and a year-end ticket is kinda expensive too(which i regret later). The next day, my Mother and I went to mall to buy a jacket for me, and a nice sandal too. I thanked her and we got back home. Little did i know, that it will be the only time i go out.

The next day, i woke up late (of course after shubuh, i fell asleep again). My Mother went to her office at 10 am. She is a lecturer and she’s off for a shot semester at the university where she works. I promised myself i won’t be a lecturer(or even a teacher) because they are so busy LOL. I happily take a long hot bath(how i missed it for so long). Then i start watching movies, browsing the internet, playing games, and other things you expected me to do at laptop. When i got hungry, i just heat some food from the refrigerator. Of course there are times when i got bored with foods at home, so i left the house and buy some food, or call a fast food delivery.

After about ten days, my movies stock run out. Then i started to read my novels and many old books i forgot they exist. I really love my Percy Jackson novels, and Maze Runner too! My favorite author are Rick Riordan, John Green, and etc. Also, it was a really nice healing time. I hope you spent your holiday nicely too 🙂


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