Recommended Place in Bandung

So, here i am making my comeback post after a long weeks with lots of homeworks and lots of homeworks and lots of homeworks…

Well i must admitted that this blog assignment kinda fun and cool.

So this time, i want to tell you about one of many from my favorite places list. And it is worth time, money, and energy(i don’t have to think twice to go there).

Actually the truth behind this is, i was so confused of where to go days ago. I know i have to prepare about this recommended place assignment, but i was really really confused. I ask my friend, Dewi to accompany me strolling at the mall, looking for a worth-it-place. We were, like, strolling everywhere until we remembered that there’s THIS THING at BIP. And we immediately went there.

And this place is no other than a cafe. Yes it’s obvious i’m always hungry and i love chilling with my friends at cozy cafes, while blabbering non stop and stuffing things inside my mouth 🙂

This cafe is called Giggle Box (it’s a cute name tho, a suitable name for a cute british oldiest concept)

The Giggle Box

The Giggle Box

Giggle Box logo

Giggle Box logo

The Giggle Box at BIP is placed near Grand Hyatt Hotel, at the back of BIP. It’s faster and easier to access from Sumatra Street.

the front view of Giggle Box at BIP

the front view of Giggle Box at BIP

wall full of frames(sponsored by Jonas Photo)

wall full of frames(sponsored by Jonas Photo)

So back to the story, we entered immediately and took a seat.


Because i’ve been starving, haven’t got anything to eat since lunch time.

DSC09038 DSC09040 DSC09041 DSC09042

We ordered. And it only a while to served, except the pancake. I don’t know why but it took a kind of long time.


We ordered a blueberry pancake, something cake(i forgot LOL), ice lemon tea, and ice green tea.

And my favorite time, blabbering non stop while stuffing food into my mouth. We were just eating there, talking about literally anything. And we didn’t stop talking, we talked so much it was a lot of topics and it was a really nice time. We chilled there like, about a good 2 hours.

Sadly, i have a tuition later so we had to go. And Dewi should come home before maghrib too. So we finished our talking time(that seemed to still have a lot topics to talk about) and bid our goodbye.

So, this cafe is just so cool and cozy i could spent hours here, even though the food is kinda expensive for a student, but the food is so good especially the must-try one 🙂 hope you like my Giggle Box review


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