West Jawa Folklore : Nyi Anteh and The Moon

Once upon a time in West Java there is a kingdom called the kingdom Pakuan. Inside the palace there are two teenage girls who are equally beautiful and always looks very harmonious, Endahwarni and Nyi Anteh. King and Queen was very fond of both, although the two girls have different social status. Princess Endahwarni is Pakuan royal heir, while Nyai Anteh is only a lady’s favorite son of the queen. Nyai Anteh now a teenager, she was appointed as a personal maid princess Endahwarni.

One fine morning, Anteh was gathering flowers to decorate Endahwarni bun.She began to hum with delight. Her melodious voice flying through the palace walls. A handsome young man was walking in the garden behind the palace walls. He got raptured, hearing a voice so melodious. Apparently the young man is Anantakusuma. He is very powerful, and the wall of the palace is so high with ease he jumped. He was hiding behind groves of flowers, and behold him a very pretty girl. Anantakusuma felt his chest vibrate, “how beautiful she was, is she Endahwarni, my future wife?” He thought.

Knowing Anantakusuma loved Nyai Anteh, Endahwarni kicked her out of palace because she felt jealous.

Nyai Anteh walked out of the gate of the palace without knowing what to do outside the palace. But he decided to go to his mother’s hometown.
Since then Anteh lived in his uncle’s house in the village. To help his uncle, Anteh received orders to sew clothes. At first Anteh neighbors sewed clothes, after a long time because the stitches are nice, the people of the village, too far to Anteh sewed their clothes. So he and his uncle’s family could live quite the sewing results.

Many years have passed. Anteh now married and has two children. One day in front of his house to stop a carriage and a lot of guards on horseback. Once the owner of the carriage is stuck his head, screaming Anteh. Apparently it is the daughter Endahwarni. Endahwarni daughter got off the train and burst into tears hugging Anteh.
“Oh Anteh, I’ve been looking for you! Where have you been? Did I really hurt you? Forgive me Anteh. Back then I was crazy, so I throw you out when you’re innocent. I’m sorry … “cried the daughter.
“Gusti … do not be so. I should be sorry to have upset you, “said Anteh.
“No. I am the guilty. For that Anteh, you must come with me back to the castle! “Begged daughter.
“But I now have a daughter her husband and children. I also worked as a seamstress, “replied Anteh.
“My husband and your children should you take to the palace,” said the princess, laughing. “Regarding your work, you’ll be picked up as a tailor’s palace. How? You may not refuse, it’s an order!”

Anteh and his family eventually moved to the palace. Endahwarni daughter had made a home on the edge of the park for their stay. However Anteh always feel bad every meeting with the prince Anantakusuma, Endahwarni daughter’s husband. Prince Anantakusuma was never to forget his dream girl. The return Anteh has made her love the buried rise again. At first the prince Anantakusuma try to survive by not considering the presence of Anteh. But more and more tempestuous love.

Until one night Anantakusuma reckless prince went into the palace garden, in case he could meet with Anteh. Yeah, right. Anteh saw was in the verandah of his house, playing around with Candramawat, her beloved cat while enjoying the beautiful moonlight. Although now old, but the prince Anantakusuma, Anteh still as pretty as the first moment they met. Anteh slowly approached.
“Anteh!” He says. Anteh surprised. Antakusuma prince saw standing before him.
“Pa .. Prince? why princes here? What if someone sees? “Asked Anteh fear.
“I do not care. The important thing I can be with you. Anteh you know what? That I love you so much. Since we met in the park to this day, I still love you, “said the prince.
“Prince, you should not say like that. You are the daughter’s husband Endahwarni. He is the older brother I loved very much. If you’re hurt, you hurt me it was the same, “said Anteh Candramawat hugging.
“I can not … I can not forget you! You should be mine Anteh! Come let me hold you! “Said the prince, trying to hold hands Anteh.
Anteh backwards by fear. “Be sober prince! You must not betray Gusti’s daughter. “But the prince to remain near Anteh kusuma Ananta.
Anteh who fear trying to escape. But the prince Anantakusuma still chasing him. “Oh God, help me!” Anteh prayer, “Give me the strength to get away from the prince Anantakusuma. I knows he’s very powerful. Therefore please help me. Do not let him hurt me and my sister, Endahwarni! ”
Anteh suddenly felt a force that pulled her body upward. He looked up and saw the moon through her and pulled. Prince Anantakusuma only be struck by the departure of Anteh a higher and higher and finally disappeared with the cloud-covered moon.

Since then Nyai Anteh lived on the moon, alone and only accompanied by her beloved cat. She could not return to earth for fear Anantakusuma prince will go after him. If you miss the family was unbearable, he would weave the fabric to be used as stairs. But unfortunately the weaving was never completed because the cat always destroying it. Now if the full moon we could see the shadow Nyai Anteh sat weaving accompanied Candramawat.

That’s the legend of Nyi Anteh.


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