My school, SMAN 3 Bandung holds an annual culture festival. WHICH ALWAYS HAPPEN TO BE THE BEST EVENT.

this year it’s called Gamarvani, from latinese words Gama(trip) and Parvani(to the moon) so it means trip to the moon, inspired by a traditional story : Nyi Anteh. You can read it here.

This even  was held at 19 September 2015. The leader of the committee for culture festival this year is M Ababil Akram with his deputy Farrel D.H.. To make this event success, SMAN 3 Bandung did a very good preparation. Started from opening recruitment for students in X grade to be part of the committee. Many of students want to participate in this event. In fact, there were 200 people who became committee of Gamarvani. 100 people of the committee was from my grade, in which 15 of people is from my class. But not me (peace)

Gamarvani did many promotions in some media socials, such as in Official Account Line (Gamarvani), Instagram (@gamarvani), and in Youtube Channel (Gamarvani).

IMG_20150918_132700 IMG_20150918_132709


I came to Lapangan Bali early, to join the parade. Sepi Tugas(x science 7) crew said they will surely come, but there were only 7 of us:( such a sad and lonely group we were. Oh and my feet hurts because we walked like a very long route and i wasn’t wearing a comfortable shoes 😦 we walked around SMA 3 Bandung for a long one hour and it’s really tiring to not being left behind. It was fun if it’s not because of my feet, we cheered loudly. We were wearing traditional costume, girls wore kebaya dan boys wore pangsi.

a selfie erin took

a selfie erin took


This is Gamarvani map, credits to The decoration team(they did a really good job)

The event already started at 9 am but it got packed after 1 pm.

the view at 1 pm

the view at 1 pm

IMG_20150919_103330 IMG_20150919_103336

At 4 pm the entry gate got really full and i had to queuing. But sadly i had an important thing to do at 5pm and i had to go:(

gamarvani after 4 pm

gamarvani after 4 pm


And the fact that is, the super fun performances started at 5 pm.

so yeah, i didn’t get to see any performance. I just eat a lot of things there 🙂 and i’m so sorry i can’t tell you any other things because i had to go.


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